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We are the ideal partner
on nutritional supplements
and raw materials production
and development.

Business units

Human Nutrition

We make safe and reliable dietary supplements and sell raw materials selected for their quality.

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IN KBG, we guarantee a high standard level of quality and safety in each product, ensuring that the materials are handled in optimal conditions throughout the manufacturing process.

Personal care

We place special emphasis on the selection of our raw materials, always focusing on our customers and their needs.

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Pharmaceutical industry

We provide and develop synthetic, biological and natural substances to be used in the production of medicinal and pharmaceutical products.

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Industrial pigments

We trade on our market a wide variety of raw materials colours with a high degree of purity for its use in multiple industries.

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About KBG

We are an Argentinian company dedicated to the development, production and marketing of vitamin and mineral premixes, dietary supplements and raw materials for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

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