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Nutrition is the basis for the
development of the human being.

At Kromberg Fine Chemicals, we are dedicated to offering different alternatives to cover this primary need; and thus, to be able to supply the nutritional deficit that the actual world and its different societies present us.

Our proposal

To provide the safety and quality that people need for their daily nutritional development. With the quality and safety that food production deserves and with which our products are identified.

How we do it

Specifically, by commiting ourselves to the development, manufacturing and marketing of industrial ingredients for human nutrition, with more than 30 years' experience in the industry.

What we do:

  • Formulation of Premix. of vitamins and minerals for food fortification.
  • Formulation of functional foods.
  • Food formulation for medical purposes.
  • Formulation of dietary supplements.
  • Formulation of high-performance sports and sports nutrition.
  • Working on developments with Pro and pre biotics, vitamins, minerals.
  • Working in partnerships with multiple stakeholders to ensure sustainable impact and guarantee the success and sustainability of the projects in which we participate.
We know that nutrition qualifies as a “Constant Challenge” according to the WHO; and it is because of our vocation, that we want to get involved in its achievement. Contributing to the current food supply , to be enriched and qualify as "Complete".
We maintain a reliable and open contact with our clients to identify solutions that meet the challenges of the future.
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