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We offer innovation, and a wide variety of
active ingredients, excipients, reagents, pharmaceutical
and health care ingredients

We also produce and market intermediate, advanced, and exclusive products; active ingredients that are tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Quality and safety policy

Our manufacturing facilities have international certifications, and comply with current standards of correct manufacturing and good manufacturing practices.

Our commitment is to offer safe and quality products, implementing the following guiding principles that define our actions:

  • Comply with the legal requirements applicable to our activity, those of our Clients and other Interested Parties, and those of our Quality and Food Safety Management System according to ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards.
  • Take care of the health of our Clients and satisfy their needs and expectations.
  • Ensure that our staff is competent and aware of safety and quality, through ongoing training.
  • Guarantee fluid interactive communication with our Interested Parties, responding to the demands for information related to the Food Safety and Quality Management System.
  • Continuously improve our Food Safety and Quality Management System.


  • ISO-9001:2015 E ISO 22000.
  • We are Benefactor Members of A.A.Q.C. Argentine Association of Cosmetic Chemists.
  • Part As Benefactor Member of ILSI The International Life Sciences Institute.
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